Essay about Globalization Is Just A Form Of Capitalism

1062 Words Mar 26th, 2016 null Page
There 's a lot of controversy about the topic of globalization. Many think that globalization is just another form of capitalism. One of the meanings of globalization is when big or small companies use the people in other poor countries to produce products or services for a cheaper rate than what the companies would pay their own country’s people. However, globalization harms the poor by ultimately taking jobs away from workers, including low income working people. Many times jobs are given to cheaper workers in poor countries and it affects our poor population even more. Although they were making low wages, they still had a job. When jobs are taken away from them to give other people in different countries a job, it hurts our own low income community more than people think it does. Coincidentally, those workers in the other countries are not being paid what they should be for the work that they have to do. In America, the jobs are taken from the poor and the companies find other workers for cheaper in other countries. They work very long hours and do hard labor for much less money than our workers here in the United States would get.
The low income people in America suffer the most when it comes to globalization. Their jobs are given to other poor people in other countries, yet they do not make as much as the Americans would. It is bad enough to find a job nowadays, but when those jobs are sent overseas because it is cheaper for big companies, it affects the poor in our…

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