Essay Globalization Is Destroying The World

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“Globalization processes are inevitable historic and objective phenomena, the driving force of society’s development and progress.” Some say the globalization is killing the world, but others say that it is what is keeping the world alive. Globalization is the interconnectedness and interdependence of regions that allows the world to be used and preserved to its fullest potential by all living people. Interconnectedness, how all countries can all work together toward a common goal or to get a common effect. This can be related to all the countries working on having cleaner air for their area or cleaner water for their communities to drink. Interdependence of an area allows a country to function on their own and have unique things that makes them their own country or region. These things can also allow their people to survive and prosper in the area they live in. Globalization is what allows the world to be united yet unique. Pollution is a huge problem that is affecting the world that we all live in and it’s beginning to destroy the world we live in. “The global changes in our planet are determined by the significant increases in pollution due to economic and anthropogenic activities.” Greenhouse gases or Greenhouse effect is a major factor in the destruction of our world. Greenhouse effect occurs when some gases absorb the Earth’s reradiated heat and then re-radiated back to the Earth. The greenhouse gases are what is destroying the ozone layer and causing global warming.…

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