Essay Globalization Is An Important Part Of Globalization

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There is no specific definition of globalization and there are various definitions for it. Globalization can be said to be a complex political, economic, cultural and geographic process in which the flow of organizations, ideas, capital and people are taken on an increasingly transnational form. Globalization can be viewed from different perspectives. There are three dimensions of globalization: economic, cultural and political. Technology is an important part of globalization. Advances in information technology have transformed economic life. Information technology has given individuals various tools by which they can identify and pursue economic opportunities. Globalization has affected gender culturally, politically and economically. In this increasingly global form, economic globalization has affected men and women differently. Economic globalization refers to how various economies interact with each other through production, trade and financial transactions by multinational corporations. Also, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund play a major role. Economic globalization gave birth to the rise of education policy, labor market regulations and skill requirements. Economic globalization also created jobs for women in industries and factories that serve as a source of income for them and their families. However, women receive lower wages than men even though they do the same job. The export-processing zones along the U.S and Mexico border and in southeast…

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