Globalization Is An Advantage Or Disadvantage? Essay

1908 Words Dec 10th, 2015 8 Pages
For the past couple of years there have been many debates of global issues, debates that have occupied the minds of many researchers, but whereas the other debates usually came to a conclusion globalization remains an unending debate. The debate is whether or not globalization is an advantage or disadvantage. The manifestation of globalization begins at various points of a country’s political and economic standing. Karunakar P. describes it as; “The origin of globalization which is an invention of global capitalism in 1980s and 1990s has brought remarkable changes in social, economic, political and cultural aspects across the world in general” (Karunakar 156). Globalization is often given a bad reputation by society but is it justified? Globalization in sum is only helpful to those that accept it and are willing to bend to change but is a disadvantage to the minority groups and those who do not wish to see the old ways forgotten. When we hear of globalization we often hear identity and culture as well, people represent them as different entities. But it can also be argued that they are intertwined. This manifests a few questions: is globalization truly a positive change for people? And how are globalization, identity and culture related? Globalization is seen as a force, a wind of change coming from the “westernized” world bringing supposed benefits to third-world countries. While many yearn for this change there are those who detest the very concept. These…

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