Globalization Is A Widely Controversial Phenomenon Essay

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Globalization is a widely controversial phenomenon throughout the world. People argue over whether or not globalization is one of the greatest forces working against poverty, or if globalization only leads to greater exploitation of workers in the developing world. By simply looking at the tags on various clothing items, it is evident that the majority of textiles is produced overseas in developing countries, thus showing the significance of globalization. Large corporations have begun to alienate themselves from the production process and now get their products from foreign textile enterprises. Corporations get high quality products at low prices, allowing them to maximize production and profits. Textile enterprises also benefit due to the system being so unregulated that they are able to make a profit and keep most of it because worker rights laws on wages, safety, and working conditions are commonly unenforced (Pugatch, 1998). Free trade in textiles alone exclusively favors money-hungry organizations and does not help promote development in developing countries, especially in Indonesia.
From the outside looking in, Indonesia is a growing multiparty democracy, budding with competitive elections, a rule of written law, and civil liberties. Indonesia boasts fair and free presidential elections, allowing all adults aged seventeen and older to vote, with a few minor exceptions (police or active military members, convicts serving terms of five years or greater, and people…

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