Essay on Globalization Is A New World

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Globalization is a new world order based on scientific and technical creativity and technological development and communications revolution that removed the border between the people of the world and the world became a small global village. Globalization is the modern evolution of the world, it can positively affect culture due to the opportunity to learn a new culture, to bring people from all over the world close to each other, and improve the trade and economy.

Globalization allows humanity to learn about other cultures. It gives people the ability to communicate and learn about all cultures of the world. Learning about other cultures is a good thing because it develops the knowledge of the people. Yo-Yo Ma in his article “From the Berbers to Bach” writes “Culture is a fabric composed of gifts from every corner of the world. One way of discovering the world is by digging deeply into its traditions” (2008, p. 183). In other words, the way to learn a new culture is by learning their traditions, such as food, language, and history. So globalization allows people to develop their mind and their culture and their knowledge.

Globalization is a modern way to connect people from all over the world. First of all, it enables people to share their thoughts and opinions about the developments that globalization brought, such as technology and the Internet. Debate based on the Module "Do Nations Matter on a Global World" from LSE100 Course says, “In the era of the…

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