Essay Globalization Is A Curse Of The Western Imperialist

1367 Words Feb 18th, 2015 null Page
In this essay we will examine the relationship between globalization and westernization, and whether or not they are equal to each other and whether the advance of westernization is helpful or problematic for the societies. Westernization is the changing from the traditional cultural to the western dominance and western imperialism, but globalization is infect the tendency in which technologies, philosophical and economic advances can be made throughout the world with a global time zone and boundaries. There are many different views on whether globalization is equal in term to the westernization way of thinking and taking their capitalism way of life, science and technology and employing it on their own. Whether one can consider to advance globally without the need of westernized influences. Globalization is not necessary a curse and can be considered to be a worldwide trade between countries and cultures to share, travel, trade and spread their cultural influences to the world. Westernization should not be considered a curse of the western imperialist but rather a way to improve the social structures while keeping the traditional way of living. Global interrelations are often productive in advancement of societies but they are not necessarily caused by western influences, however most of them are originated from the west. For a society to reject globalization due to the fact that it contains western ideas and can influence their traditions would be to overlook what…

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