Globalization Is A Controversial Issue Essay

815 Words Nov 10th, 2015 4 Pages
Globalization is a controversial issue that concerns a lot of people in recent years. Many people argue that globalization has negative effects for the world while there is a great percentage of people who support exactly the opposite. As in every issue there are both advantages and disadvantages.
First of all, globalization let countries to do what they do really good and what they are specialized at. For example if a country doesn’t produce steel, and have the ability to buy cheap steel from another country, it is not mandatory that this country produce its own steel. Moreover there are great opportunities for employment of people from different countries. Nations are moving from one country to another to find better job opportunities. They are spreading knowledge and exchange information, which integrates them all over the world. Furthermore it brings not only growth of physical capital but also technical innovation. In addition, knowledge of different cultures helps to exterminate cultural barriers by joining countries together economically, politically and educationally. Globalization helps increase communication among different countries and cultures and causes improvement of transport and at the same time reduces barriers between different countries. People are more open and tolerant towards each other, and are being able to live in different parts of the world. Another positive aspect of globalization is that information is spreading fast through the Internet.…

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