Globalization: Human Migration Essays

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The Philippines: Globalization and Migration
By Anny Misa Hefti
Globalization is synonymous to the phenomenon of acceleration. For the past 25 years rapid changes have affected political, economic and social developments.
Acceleration is seen in vast technological changes, media revolution, global economic integration and massive changes in production systems and labour markets. All these rapid increases in transnational flow of capital, trade and technology have marked its effects on international migration as well. Global economic restructuring has led not only to disruption in less developed or developing economies, it has also been a factor in unemployment, wage decline or job insecurity in dominant market
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Nevertheless, individual or micro-level processes show their impact on the macro-level. Migrant groups abroad were gradually founded. These associations pool their resources and provide funds for projects in home communities. Many organizations here have helped repair local churches in the Philippines; or expand library facilities, or built playgrounds.
Remittances have therefore also effected improvement on the lives of community members outside migrant families.
However, migration has also an impact in the social lives of both the migrants and the families left behind.
Statistics show that Filipinas comprise more than 50% of Philippine migrants, with an upward trend. This fact has various implications. Families may be indefinitely separated. We are well familiar with stories of migrant Filipinas concerning the alienation of their children. They have become the "dollar mommies" with little personal closeness to their offsprings. The husband-wife relationship deteriorates as well due to long separation. It is not unusual to hear of extra-marital affairs done by the husband while the wife is abroad. However, this is not the trend. Studies indicate that marriage and family life have generally remained stable.4 Women migrants particularly experience isolation especially when language is totally foreign. They are also forced to live in a foreign

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