Essay about Globalization Has Its Positives And Negatives

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Globalization is happening very rapidly throughout our world today compared to what it was like back in the 1900’s. The rapid change of countries becoming more industrialized has sped up the process of globalization in my opinion. The advances in all of these industrialized countries has made it easier to open market connections between countries. The only problem is there is always a positive and negative to things happening in the world. Also, everyone has their own opinion on how things are and whether it benefits them or fits their culture at all. Therefore, globalization has its positives and has it negatives which make people argue against it. The positive reasons for arguing in favor of globalization are as followed. One good example of a reason it is how the price of calling from one country to another country has decreased by almost 99% since back in the 1900’s (W, 2014). This shows how the increase of globalization in the advancement of communication has made it easier and cost less to call people from other countries. Another huge thing that has made globalization a good thing is that the cost of transportation has went down which makes it easier to be able to export goods to other countries (W, 2014). This has come down because the cost of gas has decreased which has increased the use of container ships more since it more affordable now to transport on. Since the cost of gas has went down it has also made it cheaper to use air delivery which is a faster…

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