Globalization Has Influenced The Global Flow Of Talent And Will Answer Two Key

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Introduction Over the past decade, it has become increasingly necessary for businesses (both local and multinational) to comprehend the phenomenon of globalization and how it impacts on international business. Put simply, globalization is the breakdown of boarders resulting in the exchange of culture, technology, and increased worldwide trade (Herrmann, 2012). According to Intriligator (2003), for all its pomposity, globalization in relation to the world economy evokes contrasting reactions. There are those quarters that view globalization as a powerful vehicle for advancing the world economy, while others see it as a serious threat to the global economic fabric (Intriligator, 2003). Much of the controversy surrounding the impact of globalization on the world economy revolves around the subject of the international labor market, with respect to the flow of people from one place to the other in search of employment opportunities. This paper will provide an in depth analysis on how globalization has influenced the global flow of talent and will answer two key questions; whether or not migrants are always disadvantaged in the migrant receiving country due to liability of foreignness; and what migrants and migrant receiving countries can do to ensure mutual benefit from the migration process.
How Globalization has influenced the Flow of Talent Globally The narrative surrounding the flow of talent globally has, until very recently, been restricted to the deployment of…

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