Globalization Has Impacted Human Rights Essay

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Globalization has impacted human rights in both positive and negative ways since globalisation has both positive and negative outcomes. The positive outcomes of globalisation affects human rights positively whilst the negative outcomes of globalisation affects the global human rights efforts negatively.
Globalization is the process by which the world becomes integrated, accessible and webinized/networked through Trade, Information Technology and Politics.
Whilst politicians, states and governments approach globalization from a political point of view, businessess and economies approach globalisation from a trade perspective and social institutions and workers define globalization from human rights perspectives.
Human rights are the inalienable rights and aspirations of each and every individual to life, freedom from slavery and forced labour, freedom from torture and freedom from inhumane or degrading punishment.The right to own property, freedom of speech and religious association and equal rights to public services are all human rights.
Other human rights are economic, social and cultural rights such as the right to food, clothing, housing and medical care, the right to social services, the right to employment, education and the right to benefit from scientific and technological advancements. The right to "the full development of the human personality" is also a human right.
The way in which globalization has impacted human rights is the extent to which human rights

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