Globalization Has Changed The World Essay

754 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
We are living in the era of globalization, we are able to be connected to the entire world by a small screen while sitting in a bedroom in Alaska. That is crazy to think about and we as society don 't really give it much thought. The way we live today in comparison to the way people lived just fifty years ago is drastically different. For instance globalization has changed the way we use are time, instead of waiting a week for someone in a different state to receive our business letter and then waiting another week for them to respond we now can send and receive that same letter in a matter of seconds through e-mail. That is just one example of the many in how globalization has advanced this generation. Over the years we have found that globalization has had an effect on everything we do not just the way we view time. Therefore I will be reflecting on the interrelationships between globalization and population by using the United States as my point of reference. There are many factors of globalization that effect population in fact they all do in some aspect or another but I feel that the 2 biggest factors are cultural and economic. Cultural globalization has had a pretty big effect on population. By being able to obtain corporations and products that are in or produced in different parts of the world we can now move and live where ever we want without the fear of not being able to have certain cultural products that we may have become accustomed to. Since we are able to…

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