Globalization Has Changed Our World Essay

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Globalization is not a new concept in the world. The process of globalization has been around long before World War II. “All human history can be understood as the story of increased interaction on a limited planet” (Reilly 1089). Globalization may not be a new concept but the impact that it has had on the modern world in big businesses, women equality, the environment, and the distribution of wealth is bigger and stronger than ever before. Globalization “describes a complex phenomenon whereby individuals, nations, and regions of the world become increasingly integrated and interdependent” (Reilly 1089). Globalization has impacted our world in many ways; some have been beneficial to the economic growth of our world and some have been harmful to the future of our world.
The impact that Globalization has had on our culture has been a controversy for many years some say that is has taken our freedoms, and traditions and others say that globalization has created a freedom from tyranny of geography. Sherif Hetata in Dollarization, 1998 suggest that globalization has centralized wealth in the hands of a few people. Thus, these companies have through mass media changed our culture and reshaped our lives. Culture has been impacted through the use of media that has shaped the way we think, feel, what we buy, and our religion. The mass media has changed peoples culture from wanting to live a simple life with their family to now they have to have material things in order to feel…

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