Globalization : Globalization And Culture Essay

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Topic I: Globalisation and Culture 1. Briefly explain what is Globalisation is?

For us students with different cultures, we define Globalisation as a part of our life which has a great impact in economic status of every country in the world. It affects the day to day flow of our living. Globalisation measures the activity of economy in the world. It makes a sense of connection to the whole world and also for the progression of changes in socio-cultural development. It varied on the changes that affect the context of commercial and technological terms. Financial markets and businesses have expanded elements towards economic productivity.

2. Explain some impacts of economic globalisation on your countries of origin living at least two examples.

Globalization brought impacts to economy of developing countries. Globalization has significant development in information and computer technology. It has made developments in transportation of people and also of products in the industry. It has made many changes in the governmental policies and attitudes of people. Business and government in our country has a great impact in the lives of people on the development of political systems.

3. Identify any International trade agreements – regional or bilateral, that your countries of origin have signed or are negotiating to join. How has joining these trade agreements affect your countries?

• AFTA (Asean Free Trade Area) o It affects the competitive edge of our country to increase…

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