Globalization Facilitates The Growth Of Power For Transnational Corporations

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Globalisation Facilitating the Growth of Power for Transnational Corporations

Globalisation has facilitated the growth of Transnational Corporations to develop a power greater than ever before. Allowing these corporations to expand all over the world. Completed through the international effort to develop and improve economies, technology, trade and communication ("What is globalization? definition and meaning", 2016). The advancements globalisation has provided have progressively allowed TNCs to become increasingly powerful actors in the global political arena. One specific example would be Apple and their particular influence on the global market and the advancement of technology.

Globalisation can be defined as the process and worldwide movement through the interaction and integration amongst people, companies and governments of different states ("What Is Globalization? | Globalization101", 2016). A Transnational Corporation is essentially a business that operates and conducts business activities in multiple countries around the world (Batten, 2011). Playing a major role in the process of globalisation assisting and further developing economies, communication systems, transportation systems and the spread of ideas and cultures (Study, 2016).

Through corporation’s mergers and acquisitions, TNCs have grown extremely rapidly, with some profits now exceeding the GDPs of many low and medium income countries (Forum, 2016). The facilitation has occurred through the…

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