Globalization During The Cold War Era Essay

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We have been slowly globalizing the world one village, city, state, country at a time. Without globalization our world would not be the same today. Globalization has helped advance our way of life through the spread of ideas, beliefs, products and culture. The world used to be viewed as seven separate continents, but after the Cold War Era, we have become interdependent upon each other and are “one”. We have opened up our seas, and started interconnecting the world through trade and movement. Globalization started in the beginning of the 15th century, and began with trading routes between Asia and Europe. It isn’t until after the Cold War where we see the importance and significance that globalization has played in forming the new world. We have connected different continents and countries through social, political and economic areas, which strengthened and weakened some of them.

Through economic globalization the world is now a completely free market in which people can trade and sell through countless countries, at the tip of their fingers. The positives of economic globalization of different countries allows for more foreign foods and resources, when the weather or climate condition is not suitable to grow in your homeland. An example of a free trade agreement is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which allows Mexico, Canada, and the United States to exchange products and services without significant import and export restrictions. This makes it easier…

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