Globalization Controversy : Evaluation Of Sources Essay

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Globalization Controversy: Evaluation of Sources Over the years, the controversy of globalization has become more inevitable. The complex debate about the mixed impacts and the disparity between developed and developing countries lead to numerous sources that have different perspectives of globalization. When researching a controversy, it is important to find sources that reliable and have a variety of bias perspectives. Three sources that can be found when researching globalization are an online newspaper article from The Wall Street Journal called Globalization 's Gains Come with a Price: While Poor Benefit, Inequality Feeds a Backlash Overseas, an academic journal article World Migration in the Age of Globalization: Policy Implications and Challenges, and a magazine article from Harvard Magazine called Globalization for Whom? Time to change the rules -- and focus on poor workers. The fist source Globalization 's Gains Come with a Price by Bob Davis, John Lyons, and Andrew Batson, argues that while globalization is meant to benefit everyone, the gap between developed and developing countries continues to grow to create more inequality. The second source World Migration in the Age of Globalization by Peter Li supports its claim that globalization helps the immigration of high-skilled works and the growth of the labor force through the benefits of free trade. The final source Globalization for Whom? by Dani Rodrik, debates both sides of globalization but ultimately its…

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