Globalization Challenges France Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Globalization increases international trade and lowers transportation costs which means that there will be a high volume of trucks, planes, boats, barges, and trains moving goods from every corner of the globe, constantly. What all of these modes of transportation have in common is that they all emit greenhouse gasses which are detrimental to our environment. Besides the point of increased pollution through transportation, globalization also harms the environment through offshoring and outsourcing. Since these companies can move production from country to country easily and have some political power; they are able to relocate to countries that have environmental regulations that favor their business practices or influence environmental policy in their own country by threatening to move their operation. And since companies can move easily, they can flock to countries with lax regulations and further abuse this option and increasing the rate at which we are destroying the environment. There is hope though, globalization fosters technological advancements and improved practices which could be the saving grace of our natural …show more content…
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