Globalization Argumentative Paper

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Globalization Argumentative Paper




Globalization Argumentative Paper

The term globalization based on business ideas can be defined as the process of extending to other parts of the world to develop an increase in the integrated global economic system from utilizing cheap labor from foreign markets, free flow of capitol, and free trade. This can all be good for business in that it makes operating in foreign markets more efficient. The term good can be defined as having profit, advantage or benefit. Therefore, globalization is good for business in that it benefits the organization by increasing profit in other world markets. (1, Premise) When a business operates in an open
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(3, Conclusion) Globalization allows businesses to share ideas and understand foreign economies so that we know how to market and sell products in foreign countries effectively. Globalization on a business level can be very beneficial to a company. It can allow companies to communicate more effectively with their customers and suppliers while getting products out in a timely manner and with ease. Products can be outsourced to foreign countries at a lower cost and will benefit foreign economies by creating job growth. Lastly, globalization allows businesses to share ideas and learn about other markets in which they will be doing business. Globalization is beneficial to a company and will allow the company to keep evolving on a global scale, which in turn will create more profits and revenue for the business. In deciding whether or not globalization is good or bad for business, I have used inductive and deductive reasoning to reach a conclusion.

Inductive Reasoning There are some good examples of inductive reasoning that were used in my argument, but one of the best examples would be the explanation of how efficient markets trigger the growth and expansion of economic growth and how that is tied into globalization. There are many Americans that do not appreciate how efficient our markets in this case efficiency in reference to supply and demand are number one. I used inductive

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