Globalization And The World Health Organization Essay

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Globalization is a very broad term that, when applied to different situations, can cause some confusion. Since there are many different types of globalization, ranging from economic to environmental to scientific, a laconic definition is often hard to come by. For example, Merriam-Webster’s definition of globalization, simplified, is an intent to have one global economy whose key focus points are free global trade, constant input of financial wealth into a company without restrictions by a government, and the ability to have access to inexpensive sources of labor (“Merriam-Webster”). However, the WHO, or the World Health Organization, an affiliate of the United Nations concerned with international health issues, says that globalization “also extends to political, cultural, environmental, and security issues, and relates to the increasing interconnectivity of countries and communities.” (“WHO”). The most accurate explanation of globalization is a mixture of both definitions, one that includes the prospect of free global trade as well as includes the interconnectivity of countries and how that connection affects their economies, environments, and their people. Unfortunately, with this definition, globalization’s intended purpose comes across as solely beneficial, even though there are immense consequences to it too. Some consequences are irreversible, such as loss of biodiversity, while others, for instance the fluctuation of the job market, have the potential to…

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