Essay on Globalization And The Positive Side Of Globalization

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The effects of globalization influence were not only felt in production, consumption of goods and services, but it has redefined and reshaped how information is sourced, analyzed, used and how knowledge is shared. Examining previous scholarly journals on the influence of globalization, scholars deduced that globalization does have influence in both positive and negative ways. Focusing on the positive side of globalization, Nicolescu (2015) argued globalization to erupt from two distinct events namely natural and artificial or dogmatic globalization. On the author’s account, dogmatic globalization emerges as a result of political, economic, religious as well as social objectives on singular policy. The features of these forms of globalization, according to the argument of Nicolescu (2015) rely heavily on intellectual power deriving its source of human education. It has been argued by diverse scholars that globalization had greatly influenced education, and by education, also the environment can be protected, people can leave a healthy life, businesses can converge through the internalization of trade, and economy can be restructured significantly with causal relationship (Bloom, 2004; Burbules & Torres, 2004; Dincer, Dincer & Yilmaz, 2015; Singh, 2004). In educational industry, the influence of globalization was as well felt. A fundamental argument on the globalization of education was evident in the work of Burbules, and Torres (2000), the authors argued, globalization has…

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