Globalization And The Political Strategy Essays

705 Words May 18th, 2016 3 Pages
In such an increasingly connected world, the cultural communication between countries and regions has been intensified, but some of them have lost their own identity. Globalization and political tactics have benefited economic development and stabilized regions but in the long run, the disadvantages overweigh advantages. Globalization and the political strategy have made their unique design more homogenous and naturally impacted its development in the present and future. It is vital that the conflict and connection have continuously coexisted in diverse cultures and anywhere. Due to their mutualism, design in different cultures becomes kaleidoscopic. Stimulated by culture assimilation in Inner Mongolia, this research addresses how modernism originated from globalization and the policy of culture assimilation made by the Chinese government have seriously corroded traditional Mongolian design in Inner Mongolia, and quickly lost their own identity formed in the ancient time. Chinese policy makers need to rethink the connection and conflict with the Mongolia and other minorities, because both of them will not harm the Han culture. On the contrary, these will enhance economic innovation and stabilize the unity of pluralistic society of Chinese nation in the future (Change by design thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation). To underline the importance of the conflict and importance in practicing and thinking in design, this research will show design development…

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