Essay Globalization And The Opening Of Global Markets

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Globalization and the opening of global markets make competition stiffer, with notorious emphasis on reducing costs, improving quality, increasing productivity, innovation and knowledge and reduced life cycles of products / services. The result in recent years has been the implementation of an organizational culture that favors high performances, with special emphasis on performance management as a fundamentally strategic issue. In addition to the traditional sources of competitive advantage, human resource is now seen not as an organizational resource that should be managed in the same way as other resources, but as a feature which is most strategically relevant for gaining competitive advantage (Andrews, 2006). In pursuit of this advantage, the contribution that has been made to human resource management is the added value of production capacity, representing this capacity through implementation of certain strategic activities of human resource management.
Not only the various practices and human resource management policies must be internally coordinated among them, but also must be integrated with the overall strategy of the organization. The recent interest in the strategic management of human resources reflects the growing concern about the people, regarded them as the key to organizational success, either they be private sector organizations or public sector (Andrews, 2006). Successive reforms of the public administration, public management are closer to private…

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