Globalization And The Globalization Of The Coca Cola Company

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Globalisation is a system linking all of the countries in the world closer together. Mobile phones, email, internet, satellite communication and jet travel all make immediate connections and communications around the world possible. South Africa is connected to the other countries in the world through multinational companies as well as imports and exports to countries like the USA, UK, Japan, China, India, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany.

The Coca-Cola company is one of the most well known companies and brands in the world. The company has continued to gain momentum and grow by cashing in on the ever expanding beverage industry and currently ranks as the largest beverage company in the world. The Coca-Cola company operates and distributes in more than 200 countries with more than 84000 suppliers worldwide. Over 70% of the company’s income comes from sources outside of the USA. The Coca-Cola company has grown into a billion dollar company in just over a century. Although many countries have banned the sale and consumption of their products, claiming that they promote obesity.
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The first countries to receive new bottling plants were Cuba and Panama as there was an increase in demand due to increased US Military presence in the countries. This was the start of Coca-Cola’s plan to take over the beverage industry. Very soon after these bottling plants were up, demand increased and Coca-Cola opened more plants in Hawaii, Puerto Rica and the Philippines. By 1926 Coca-Cola had established foreign markets with plants in over 80 countries. Coca-Cola continued their assault on the international market with rapid expansions into even more countries. The end of World War 2 marked the period in which Coca-Cola established themselves as a truly global

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