Globalization And The Global Economy Essay

1011 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Globalization is a process that has caused the world to integrate and create interactions between different countries, which has helped to influence our political and economic economy. The effects of globalization 's have become an issue that has gathered the attention of many individuals both globally and internationally. Many have speculated that globalization has become too capitalist and it neglects the interest of the public. However, others are still arguing that globalization has become a major economic boost for many nations, even those in poorer societies. This paper is going to analysis the cost and benefits that are associated with globalization have pertained to the global economy in relation to trade.
As a society, we engage in trade in order to meet societal in order to provide a person with certain goods and service in order to survive. Countries face the harsh reality of having a limited amount of resources. Trade contributes to the global economy, which has led many countries to improve their country political and social conditions. Globalization has helped to form strategies when it comes to protecting our resources by trading and moving some industries to other countries. The integrating firms in other countries have helped to ease the burden of one country producing all the resources. Some countries seem to specialize in different markets when it comes to the items that we trade. For instance, most of the clothing merchandise in the United States seems…

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