Globalization And The Anti Globalization Essay

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Globalization Promotes Terrorism

In the past years, supporters of globalization did not ever respond to the objection that individuals who opposed globalization had made. Opponents of globalization brought up the concern that the uniform outcome of globalization would cause intense isolation of cultures and increasing disconnection of societies globally.

Alienation Breeds Fanaticism

What the anti-globalization movement guessed about regarding the effects of globalization have been found correct. Wrongly identified as Islamic or religious extremism, crowd uproars, explosives, and bomb schemes are all concerning Islam and Muslim leaders accidently but most importantly the isolation of cultures and detachment of societies that globalization has given rise to. Every religion participates in brutally removing the nonreligious from ruling positions when the time is necessary. The place that social and cultural integration weakens is the same place where religious zeal increases. Society, its experts, and its head leaders of government fail to notice the real issue by emphasizing too much attention on Islam’s stance toward the method of violence. Intense isolation of cultures and expanding detachment of societies are proven to be present by the increase of worldwide religious extremism.

A Key Function of Capitalism

Since globalization is said to be a central part of the capitalist system, supporters of globalization would make no response to the claim about…

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