Globalization And The Acceptance Of A Multiracial Community Essay

1022 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Globalization and the acceptance of a multiracial community has resulted in the inclusion of many different cultures across North America. As a result of this cultural mix, people from different ethnicities have come to meld different cultural objects such as beliefs and values into their own identities. Although this inclusion of cultural objects from different cultures can be seen as signs of an inclusive society, it can also be regarded as cultural theft. For example, the theft of hip hop culture by white Americans is evident from their large presence in the subculture. Their participation in hip hop can be seen as appropriation due to several factors, including the past history of cultural theft, mockery and the lack of respect for the roots of the subculture. Thus, white participation in hip hop can be seen as a case of cultural theft due to racial differences and a lack of both respect and understanding for the subculture. First, the cultural appropriation of hip hop culture can be seen as a repetition of the past due to the history of white participation in black culture. James Young, uses the example of the past appropriation of the styles and motifs from black culture by white people in his argument for the aesthetic quality of appropriating culture. As one of many examples of past appropriation, he writes, “Picasso was engaged in innovative content appropriation when he borrowed ideas from African carvers in such paintings as Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907)”…

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