Mcdonald's Open Market Policy

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With the development of globalization, the global capitals are also extended. As a result, the world tends to be integrated, and the boundary between different countries becomes increasingly blurred. Globalization has changed the whole world. Under the circumstance, open market policies are becoming more and more important. Open market policy is especially necessary for countries to undergo the process of globalization. Now 144 countries have used open market policies, and 30 other countries plan to use this active policy. Open market policy not only can create lots of wealth, but also can create more employment opportunities, reduce the price of products and improve the living standards of the people.
Open market policy can create lots of wealth. Firstly, open market policy has brought enormous benefits for Western countries. According to Randy James mentioned in the article "A BRIEF HISTORY OF McDonald 's Abroad", by the end of 2008, McDonald 's had grown to 31,967 locations in 118 countries. Of those, only about 14,000, or 45%, were in the U.S. With 58 million daily customers worldwide, McDonald 's are now so ubiquitous around the globe that The Economist publishes a global ranking of currencies ' purchasing power based on the prices charged at the local Mickey D 's, dubbed the Big Mac Index (Randy James, no page)." it reveals that open market policy has brought a huge sell market and manufacture for
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Open market policy can not only create lots of wealth, but also create lots of job opportunities and improve people 's living standards. If a country wants to achieve better development, open market policy is indispensable in that it can bring great profits to the country and improve people 's living standard as well. It is an irreversible trend of global development. In the future, with more and more countries adopting open market policy, the global economy will embrace greater

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