Globalization and Modernization on Traditional or Underdeveloped Nations

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The Effects of Globalization and Modernization on Traditional or Underdeveloped Nations
David V. Head
Western Governors University

The Effects of Globalization and Modernization on Traditional or Underdeveloped Nations
Globalization and modernization are subjects of necessary evaluation when looking at the evolution of traditional or undeveloped nations. This essay will first identify the effect of these phenomenons on the people of Qatar and Native Alaskans. Second, it will discuss the phenomenon in relationship to the Native Alaskan culture. Third, it will analyze this in regard to the cause of the influence, whether it was direct or indirect, intentional of unintentional
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Another example of globalization and modernization is western influence on the Native Alaskans. The Native Alaskan people are a proud and distinct ethnic group with a rich and diverse cultures. They became affected by western culture as a result of, well meaning, Christian missionaries who brought their specific belief system to the Native Alaskans and in the process introduced and in some cases forced western culture on the native tribes. Before this Native Alaskans lived a very simple but rich life. Living off the land, they took from it only what they needed and put great emphasis on family and the village community life. “Alaska Natives were capable, independent, and strong of will” (Schaeffer, 1998. para. 37). They were famous for their basket weaving, hunting, and fishing prowess. Also, they were known for their art and recognized for the distinct totem poles erected in honor of people and religions. Now, Native Alaskans live a very different life, though a few remain in the villages, Native Alaskans are more common in the cities and often lead lives completely different from the old cultural ways. Now, after the influence of western culture, one is more likely to see a Native Alaskan wearing a hat and blue jeans while shopping in the mall, rather than fishing for salmon to feed their family. Further, is has been observed, first hand by the author of the essay, the Native Alaskan language and dance traditions are all but

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