Essay on Globalization And Mass Migration : Australia And The World

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Australia and the world we live in today is becoming an increasingly culturally diverse place due to globalization and mass migration. The online site study presented is based on Depth Study 5: The Globalising World (Migration Experiences 1945-present). This unit explores migration experiences and the impact migration has had in shaping Australia and the world. Through the creation of an online site study, I have linked syllabus outcomes to the learning activities therein in order to ensure students learn about migration experiences through multiple perspectives and tasks, so that they have a broad understanding of impact migration has had and still continues to have to this present day. The online site study allows students to ‘acquire knowledge, skills, values and attitudes’ in order to ‘understand their historical environment and participate actively in historical inquiry’ (BOS, p. 29). The online site study begins with a “welcome” page where students are welcomed and introduced to the topic. The second page on the site study is the “pre-lesson” where students are further introduced to the topic, look at key terms and definitions and, complete a pre-assessment quiz that aims to test and activate students’ prior knowledge. Following on from the “pre-lesson” are the four online lessons which cover all dot points under The waves of post-World War II migration to Australia, including the influence of significant world events from the Board of Studies syllabus (BOS, p. 85).…

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