Globalization And Its Impact On Our World Essay

1556 Words Aug 17th, 2015 null Page
Globalization is a broad term and my understanding of the term was based loosely on a financial aspect. Globalization, to me, meant the merging of the economic powers of the world to form one economy or at the very least, a financial network that is systematically combined throughout the world that provides more effective ways to handle currency, taxes, trading, etc. Furthering my research, I learned that Globalization encompasses much more than financial aspects. In reality, globalization is made up of nearly every global issue affecting our world today; from equal rights, environmental issues, cultural misappropriation and many more. Through these issues, the world has been able to develop a cultural bond. Nations that used to be isolated from each other, are now able to see common factors between them, Though some situations and issues are more intense and serious and we are realizing that we are fighting the same battle.
Environmental issues are the global issue that I chose to focus on, I can’t see another issue that is greatly affecting us on such a global scale. It seems that every nation is concerned with the environment and there really is no first world country that is not involved in the fight to slow down climate change. Second and third world countries, with the aid of first world countries are also slowly becoming involved in this plight dealing with issues affecting our global community. It’s clear that the issues that affect one community are also affecting…

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