Globalization And Its Effects On Society Essay

705 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 3 Pages
Globalization, even with all its health disadvantages, should not come under fire so readily. The movement of goods, food and people have become an integral part of what we enjoy as a society that most of us take for granted, exotic fruits and vegetables available in our supermarkets almost every day of the year, competitively priced goods imported from other countries mean we have money left over for our hobbies and that vacation you take every year to visit other countries are all made possible with globalization. Practically every country 's economy is now dependent on that movement, restricting it may cause more harm than good. Limiting the movement of people and shutting down trade would take the human aspect out of the equation but microbes and diseases know no borders and the trend towards urbanization and the increased resistance to drugs will makes things even worst. [1] In order help contain the spread of diseases there are several things we should achieve. Communication, like in a relationship, it is important that countries talk about and seek help with any diseases they may be encountering. The key is that once the world is made aware of a problem (and quickly) it is much easier to come to a solution to said problems. Immunization, if it is a disease that is already known, the process of immunization of the populace is paramount to slowing down the spread and effectiveness of the disease. Research, at the heart of containing the spread of the disease, there is…

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