Globalization And Internationalization Of International Student Security

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Deardorff, Wit, Heyl and Adams, stated in the reading that “Internationalization has been one of the most powerful and persuasive forces of work within higher education around the world during the last two decades (2012).” With the effects of Internationalization, administrators of higher learning must be capable and ready to assist the “powerful influence of the global context, prepared to track and understand the broadest global trends of higher education (Deardorff, et al., 2012).” In the literature, we not only explore how higher education is perceived in the major regions of the world, but also explore the interconnectedness of the regions. In the course content we were able to view the effects of globalization and internationalization, two major concepts used interchangeably that are will be guiding higher education in the near future to come. The literature context highlighted a few areas of importance which area the ethical challenges, the importance of international student security, creation of internationalization of curriculum, and creation of partnerships of internationalization /globalization and it’s importance. In the context “While international engagement for individuals, institutions, and systems of higher education has the potential to bring with it enormous opportunities and benefits, the global playing field is inherently uneven ( Deardorff, et al., 2012).” The playing field seems to be unequal as the accessibility to the resources to provide a…

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