Globalization And International Trade Among Business Organizations

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Globalization and international trade among business organizations has greatly led to competition which as a result, the businesses are able to deliver quality services and goods to their clients. It has also led to successful formation and development of inter-organizational networks which is steering up development in many organizations across the world today. For the successful inter-organizational networks formation there must be effective and efficient intercultural communication between the organizations with an effort in developing health and significant relationships. The Cultural influences complexities (which includes national and organizational) can be integrated into an intercultural communication model that has a goal to enforce and enhance the comprehension of the development of quality relationship.
This type of model can act as a standard measure and policy control for the intercultural communication process that all organizations across the globe should embrace in its development of global markets networks and relationships.
There are four determinants of relationship quality; this includes the cultural interaction, cultural comprehension, communication consistence & competence, and finally communication interaction. Intercultural communication (for the development of relationships in the worldwide inter-organizational relationships) complexities are well elaborated by this model. This gives more details to the organizations to understand how…

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