Globalization and Ethnicity Essay

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Globalization and ethnicity


Effect of globalization on ethnic conflicts
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Does Globalization lead to greater ethnic-based conflicts? How is ethnicity defined?
The advent of globalization characterized by industrialization and modernization has made the world flat bridging the gap between time and space. The world therefore has awoken to a collective consciousness brought about by infrastructural and technological advancements. Theoretically this has broken down peoples ethnic local identities and made them races of a wider world. The less anticipated issue has arisen of re-energized and
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It is defined as encompassment of social relations between distant localities in the world in a manner that they are affected by issues occurring many miles from their location. These events may either be in economic, political, ecological, ideological and cultural fields.
Globalization can mostly be visible in the forms of government that are predominant in the countries of the world. They stem from western systems and are practiced in very little variations the world over. In Capitalism and communism two systems have been in use in the management of economic policies. This convergence of similar or almost similar systems has made the challenges faced by individual institutions mirror others in different localities. It is thus very easy to spread and idea from a single point and within no time it is picked up by others in different geographical locations.
Ethnic Conflict
Before embarking on defining ethnic conflicts it is important to understand the meaning of the term ethnicity. The term is used to describe characteristics of specific groups of people in fundamental aspects of their life. Applied loosely it means swathes of populating sharing common language, cultures and economic activities. This banding of communities brought about by common economic activity means that if there are neighbors who also have shared economic interests, any conflict on how they inter-share resources is bound to stir some ethnic

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