Globalization And Environmental Degradation

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Globalization can be defined broadly as the economic, political and cultural integration of people and nations into a larger, interdependent society. As the term implies, the focus is not on individual countries, but on the world in its entirety. Thus, it is a complex process that involves the movement of goods, services, capital and information across international borders, as well as the diffusion of political, cultural and intellectual discourse.
Although this process is considered by many as a recent phenomenon, globalization has arguably been happening – albeit on a much slower rate – since the dawn of man. Humans have always been global creatures. It wasn’t long after setting foot on earth that we began to spread all over the planet, eventually filling every kind of environment that could sustain human life.
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Mankind has been confronted with a range of global environmental problems, whose solutions cannot be implemented by individual nations. Most important among these are global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, pollution of oceans and rivers, rainforest destruction and the loss of biodiversity.
Lastly, the issue of terrorism and national security has had an enormous impact on global politics, society and economy in the 21st century. In the post-9/11 era, various governments have used authoritative force in an attempt to contain terrorist groups that operate globally, possess sophisticated weaponry, and pose a serious threat to populations around the world. The same mechanisms that enable the international flow of people, wealth and commodities have given rise to a host of potential security threats, including global terrorism, cyber warfare and transnational
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