Globalization And Dystopian Society

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USA will have the support of Japan, United Kingdom and many more capitalist countries against Russia with China, Vietnam and many more in politics and eventually war.

The last theory to support the quote above is the global pessimism where it views globalization on mostly a negative scale. It states that one of the harm of globalization is on the cultural level where the mass media promotes propaganda of a single country to another foreign country’s population. The propaganda can be used to positively view the country that uses it or it can be used to dehumanize another country and its population by the country that uses the tool and in turn will create negative image of the country that was dehumanized. One such example is the video games, movies and cartoons from Hollywood (which is from USA), where the topic of dystopian society is quite popular. One popular game in particular is Call of Duty series, which usually places the main character that the player plays in a pro-American view where they play story mode and help USA to fight and win wars. Another popular example is cartoons where they have a huge effect on a child as he/she grows up into an adult (due to
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Globalization was made when multinational corporations started investing in China, as they created factories that created jobs for locals which helped feed their families and educate their children. The tax on the multinational corporations was used to create infrastructure such as schools, transportation, sewage system and many more.
This helped emphasis that the economy of the world nowadays is global, meaning that we need to rely and depend on each other to make it work. Another example is the relationship between USA and Japan before the modern era (shown in the video), where they were enemies of each other in World War Two. But nowadays, they are the closest of allies and trading partner even though with the history.

In conclusion, stated above are the theories along with their examples that support the quote of Mr. Einstein, as well as challenge his views. I hope that this assignment will help to encourage a better future for mankind.


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