Globalization : A Single Culture Of Western Culture Essay

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Globalisation has been the trend of the world and influences everywhere we live. Many definitions of globalisation have been presented. Uz (2015:79) states that ‘Globalisation is worldwide interconnectedness’. Similarly, Albrow (as cited in Uz 1990:79) points out that it ‘refers to all those processes by which peoples of the world are incorporated into a single world society, global society’. There are some different arguments for the development of business and media globalisation. On the one hand, homogenisation theorists consider that globalisation is a situation that all of other cultures are becoming similar to a single culture of Western culture (e.g. Giddens, 1990). On the other hand, polarisation theorists state that globalisation will produce more differences in across culture (e.g. Huntington, 1996). However, somewhere in between, hybridization theorists maintain that globalisation will make cultures be more similar to each other, both of Western and non-Western (e.g. Pieterse, 1994).

In my opinion, globalisation brings us more positive influences than negative. The supporting evidence will be given in the main body. Firstly, the topic will be about the benefits from media and business globalisation. Then it will indicate why we are not becoming same in cultural some aspects. Finally, some negative implications will be provided.

The Benefits from Media and Business Globalise

Computer-mediated communication plays an essential role to promote media…

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