Globalization : A Global Union Essay

876 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Stephen Lerner points out in this article, “immediate conditions needed to organize a true global union, and provides an important, but not unique, model of how a global union is possible. Globalization is creating change at an even faster pace than during industrialization. We need to understand how it is reshaping workers ' lives and power around the globe, so that instead of being swept away by globalization, we can harness it to transform ourselves and the world”, understanding the effects of globalization can lead to the improvement to working conditions worldwide. The reason for the lack of this understanding is the rapid growth of globalization. In the current way of business, the use of technology and the method of how business can be conducted through the world without having to have the organizational headquarters or mega production centers in a nearby location, creating screen which otherwise that provide relief to some of the issues that these organizations are creating. In the United States or any other country that has access to modern devices to communicate problems or abuse that is being allowed by these organizations. In the event of an abusive company individuals are able to make their voice heard whether it be through social media or developing an online presence that outlines the way companies are treating workers. These organizations move outside of countries that require a higher standard in their work environment or set wages at higher rates so…

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