Globalisation Essay

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The Globalisation essay

Student name: Lok Lei

The Globalisation essay

"Globalisation is Good’’ tells a tale of two countries that were equally poor 50 years ago - Taiwan and Kenya. Today Taiwan is 20 times richer than Kenya. I think the farmers and entrepreneurs that could develop Taiwan because it introduced a market economy and integrated into global trade. And I know the Kenyan farmers and slum dwellers that are still desperately poor, because Kenya shut its door to globalisation. The Kenyans are suffering from regulations, corruption and the lack of property rights. The unequal distribution in the world is a result of the unequal distribution of capitalism - those who have capitalism grow rich, those who don't stay poor.
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They fear the monopolies that they could create within a country. However, multinationals are actually less powerful because free trade controls them in a way because of competition. It is also those multinationals, which are helping Vietnam get wealthy. For example, Nike gives micro loans to people who want to start businesses but that do not have the capital to do so. Local companies are benefit from multinational companies arriving because they boom and grow because they have the multinationals to copy.

Finally, Nike has opened their factory doors to outsiders so that they can see for themselves what Nike is doing in Vietnam. There have been over one thousand visitors in the past year including college students, diplomats and other businesses.
This is a good move because it enables people to be able to see for themselves how globalisation is affecting positively the lives of the people in Vietnam. Another area in which globalisation has played an important role is in Africa. For instance, Kenya would have been prospering if they were allowed to own land.

However, Kenya cannot grow because capitalism cannot take place and people cannot start their own businesses. One of the reasons why people cannot start businesses is because they simply to not have enough money in order to do so and also to buy machines. Another reason is because there is a really large

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