Globalisation of Business Activities Essay

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Globalization has been the prominent buzz word of recent times from America to Europe and the UK to Japan to Nigeria in West Africa this is what is making the world go round and indeed flat. It is common to hear of today’s world economic system as being “globalisation”. Some describe the historical events leading up to today’s global free trade “inevitable”. The UK’S former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was famous for her TINA acronym and Gordon Brown the current PM encourages UK global trading by welcoming even more foreign investors. So, whether in the newspaper articles, politician speeches, or business leader press conferences the G-word appears to be the most important issue in contemporary
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The aim is to create an international network of operations which will sell the same products in several countries, increase overall sales thereby reducing the cost per unit of development coordinate the work of subsidiaries to provide a product a product or service to the global customer rate fluctuations ( A. Greasley, 2006).



Literature said- some Author’s view:

Globalization might be difficult to define because the definition “globalisation” can be treated from different points o f view. Globalisation is perhaps the most important force at work in contemporary society, business management and economics (Stonehouse, 2004) Globalization is now much more than global business as some people will think, economic globalization has now merged with political globalization leading to economies of the world being open a.,mjnd market driven to be able to respond to global challenges. And in the twentieth century technological globalization diffused into the existing two which rapidly accelerated the pace of global integration. The internet has emerged has a vital tool to linking businesses internally and linking firms externally with customers, strategic partners and critical suppliers. (Krajewski, 2005). Kluyver et al 2003 viewed globalisation psychologically, as the deepening relationship and broadening interdependence among people from different countries.

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