Essay on Globaliation

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Is Globalization undermining State Sovereignty? There has been much debate about whether globalization is undermining state sovereignty in the study of world politics today. This is due to the fact that the term ‘globalization’ itself is rather subjective and broad. There are two rather distinct arguments used in this debate. Hyperglobalists, such as Ohmae1 and Scholte2, hold a pessimistic view and argues that globalization brings about the demise of the sovereign nation state: global forces undermine the ability of governments to control their own economics and societies. In contrast, ‘the sceptics reject the idea of globalization as so much “globaloney”’3: by emphasizing the continuing importance of states in world politics, …show more content…
To do so, I will be using the Westphalian6 notion of it. ‘Westphalian sovereignty located supreme legal and political authority within territorially delimited states.’7 The emphasis here is on territory borders and the concept of legitimate sovereign rule. Rulers have complete authority over their subjects and it is understood that no ruler had the right to intervene in sovereign affairs of other nations. In addition, not only is the state said to be free from external intervention, but also from external influence. Furthermore there is to be no legal or political authority beyond the state. We will be using these characteristics of Westphalian sovereignty as a sort of checklist in order to see which aspects of them are being affected by globalization, and how. This approach to state sovereignty will help us answer whether globalization is undermining state sovereignty.

One view of globalization is that it is ‘simply the widening, deepening, and speeding up of worldwide interconnectedness’.8 The process can be described as growing extensively, intensively and quickly, creating a more deepening impact worldwide. This interconnectedness is evident in every sphere, from economics to the cultural. Using this definition, hyperglobalist Rosenau9 argues that the cumulative scale, scope, velocity, and depth of contemporary interconnectedness is dissolving the

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