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Thanks Ruee. It is unavoidable to traveling around the world when doing global business, and according to our research the economic size of hotel industry is 600 billion which is quite tremendous. So we choose a global hotel brand which mainly target at travelling merchants to give you a more legible picture about how to succeed in competition.
The hotel brand our group choose is crown plaza, an upscale hotel brand belongs to InterContinental Hotels group. Positioning in the international luxury brand in the high-end market, Crown Plaza offers guests spacious and elegant spaces for daily social and business interactions to be the ideal choice for business and exhibition.
In order to have a deep understanding about the brand, we actually
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As a global hotel brand, what should Crowne Plaza do to compete with other hotels to win the local people’s heart? Two things should be done. Firstly, deliver excellence as the global leading brand which is mature, high-end and humanized. For yeas of running business, global band deeply understand customers’ demand and satisfy the need, considerate services for comfortable stay experience and well prepared facilities for brilliant business execution, the guest experience would be more pleasant. Then it is about localization, create shared values and mutual benefits. The scope of employees ‘knowledge is one of the main aspects of knight service. Well understand local culture can reduce obstacles while employee serving customers. Also, the local talent cultivation is necessary. As we can see from the picture, Crowne plaza combines the facilities with local features to give local guests cordial feelings which is local culture construction. Also provides gifts that have local characters, for example, XI’AN Crowne plaza give every guest terracotta warrior shaped chocolate as welcome gift.
In order to create a more comfort traveling journey, Crowne plaza willing to listen to guests’ opinion and work hard on managing customers’ perception, which relying on internal and external system and emphasizing gusts’ experience. For the internal system, there are two dimension. One is the hotel membership system, heart-beat, is one way to obtain the guests comments. The system

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