Essay about Global Workplace

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Government in the Global Workplace
March 2012

When considering the thought of government and the global work environment and its role, it is important to address the role of constitutional, federal and international trade laws and regulations that allow and support trade between the United States and countries abroad. The government has to interject itself into the global work environment as businesses choose to engage in international trade. It is basic economics; there is a demand for goods and services that are diverse and specific to the needs of consumers here and abroad. To restrict this is to dampen the government and businesses abilities to be leading competitors with other countries as well as provide economic stability
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This makes it harder to hire qualified foreign workers (Reveiw and Outlook: Turning Away Talent, 2009). Prior to TARP, employers hired international graduates from U.S. universities and colleges because most would already have previous experience gained from native country but had to meet U.S. academic standards. These kinds of conditions lessen the fierce competition between international and U.S. students competing for employment.

One of the ways the role of government play in global work can be related to the current issue about the rate of unemployment in the United States. Full employment represents 4 or 5 percent or slightly higher and when there are enough jobs available for all who want to work (Brux, 2008). Currently our country’s resources are scarce and unemployment indicates the reduction in our nation’s output thus our nation is not producing at its full potential. Businesses will slow down investing or purchasing. In addition, businesses face the uncomfortable position to lay off workers. Those unemployed face many personal challenges, obvious challenges such lost of income from work which trickles down to an inability to pay for basic staples like housing, food or health care. If the market value of goods and services produced in our economy within a given year decreases or our Growth Domestic Product (GDP) growth is inhibited, then our purchasing power is affected (Brux, 2008). Unemployment is an indicator of a

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