Global Warming Essay

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Dear Mr. Congressman, It has come to my attention, well not only my attention but many other people, that the planet’s global warming problem has become more and more serious over the years. Global warming is the average rising temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. This increasing warming is caused by the in creasing concentrations of greenhouse gases. All these greenhouse gases mostly come from human activities, making us responsible. There are many skeptics that believe that this is not happening and that we have plenty of time to fix it but the truth is that we don’t. Our planet is like a balloon; the outer layer of this balloon is gradually thinning. Soon enough when this balloon has come to its last thinning …show more content…
We’re just putting fuel into the engine and contributing to the increase in natural disasters. Different regions in the world are receiving different consequences. The past years we have seen many natural disasters that have been extremely damaging. For example the different typhoons in Japan and the hurricanes that have hit the United States and have destroyed anything that came across them. If no one does anything about this problem, what’s coming our way is unbelievably terrible. It is relevant that Global Warming is happening in the world and I hope you realize why we must do something about it immediately. People don’t pay mind to it now thinking the consequences will come later on in life and they might not even be around to experience them, but the truth is we’re already living those consequences today. We also need to think about the future of Earth and try to prolong the life of it for future generations to come. They too have the right to enjoy the different things this world has to offer, and not helping to aid this is just selfish. We have only one Earth lets work on keeping it.
Sincerely, Diana Valencia
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