Global Warming Essay

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i have seen lands that have been turned from jungle into desserts by people in a matter of a couple of years ,because of the slash and burn method used by settlers and expanding agriculture,and i have seen rivers dry up because of deforrestation in many places in Africa and Mexico ,

i live now by the side of a river in Mexico where,in 30 years 5 species of fish have become exstinct . and part of the year the river is dry this is for longer every year because of over use of agriculture and deforrestation.every year

there are natural cycles in the planets life but a lot is influenced by mans existance ,and this is increasing with overpopulation,putting strains on Natural resources and increasing contaminations as well as
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collectively this planet is drying up because of bad farming practices like,over grazing and fertilizers,

as far as the food production is concerned, Global warming or some of its effects are serious,rising seas result in landloss

each degree rise in temperature means 10%crop loss

more landloss because of desertification every year,we have less areble land to produce food ,for an extra 70 million people ,

and there is less and less water (because of deforestation),to irrigate this production , and there are less and less farmers to do it.. who are overpumping deep carbon aquifiers who are plowing more and more unstable lands because they have lost so many million hectares to desertification , because of bad farming practises ,such as using fertilizers and heavy machinary or over grazing

The northpole is melting ,and we will know it without ice in our life times. this does not affect the sea level because it is ice that is already in the water.but the melting ice from Green land and the south pole ,are another matter.

Global warming is in theory reversable,but it will mean global co operation between all countries ,and taking into account human nature and the world politics ,it is unlikely that this will happen,

At least not untill we are all in

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