Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction * What is Global warming * Causes of global warming * Car exhaust * Aerosols * Green house effect -Too much CO2 * Concerns about global warming * Endangering animals * Flooding/Hurricanes * Change in weather * Is Global Warming Real * What are the facts * Glaciers are melting * Carbon dioxide as increased * Global temperatures are rising * Facts against global warming * Is there proof * The earth is cooling * Earth is below average temperature * Most of the CO2 is from natural causes

Global warming has been a major topic for scientist and environmental advocates for years and the question still remains is global warming
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The effects of global warming can be very serious, temperature changes can lead to animals and insects migrating to other areas taking disease with them. For example mosquitoes migrate from Africa and bring malaria to other parts of the world. Melting icecaps are another huge problem of global warming this has a major effect on the ecosystems that rely on salt water because the masses of water being added from icecaps is fresh and therefore dilutes the saltiness, leading to fish and other marine life dyeing. Sea levels rising are also an issue this causes flooding to the coastal areas, leaving people homeless and ultimately causing there to be less land across the globe for a growing human race to live on. When extreme weather hits like hurricanes that happen more frequently due to global warming it causes billions of dollars worth of damage, destroying communities, and killing innocent people. The hotter the weather the more likely these storms will happen. With warmer weather also brings drought which causes farmers to lose crops, and possibly their herds which is how they make their money and feed their families. Global warming can also cause cold waves that bring on short periods of extremely cold weather out of nowhere. These conditions can disrupt people’s lives and business and can lead to death of humans and animals due to accidents,

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