Global Warming Essay

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Global warming reveals the Heart of Antarctica

First of all, global warming is when the earth’s temperature rises. It is affecting many parts of the world and makes the sea rise, or the ice melt. But even if it’s known for its many drawbacks, it’s easier to reach many places such as the Antarctica, thanks to the ice-melting. It gives more access to beautiful landscapes: not only in the poles but also in the mountains, as we can see on the picture. As a result, the global warming gives a great opportunity for the adventure travel industry. Indeed, it “has had an adverse effect on activities” L.1-2, that are decreasing, such as “coral-reef diving”, or “polar-bear watching” L.2. The ice melting allows developing new tours or cruises L.5
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But, the industries also disrupt the wildlife by scaring animals, or by making them lose their habitat. It’s worst when it disturbs some endangered species like polar bears.
We can say that people are taking advantage of natural disasters to make business. We might summarize it through the following expression “a man’s poison is another man’s meat”.
What’s mire, even if people can get very close to whales for example, the way the journalist describes their reaction makes us believe they’re doing the right thing. They're not aware of the aftermath of the activities they’re doing. Actually, those dream-sellers, who are the adventure-travel industries, are corrupting their souls. While some people try to reduce gas emissions to protect the ice cap, those companies increase the process to make more money. And when others criticize their business, they defend themselves by saying that they have “a lot-hate” relationship” with climate change.
By writing this article, Sean Gregory wants to make us aware of an ethical issue. Indeed, he wants to show us the two sides of those attractive industries: the fact it’s not only a business that allows people to get easier to places unseen before, and to dream in front of breathtaking landscapes. But it’s also a business that takes advantage of an important environmental issue to make more money. In the last sentence, he uses irony when he speaks about

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