Global Warming : The Underlying Effects Of Carbon Dioxide Essay

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Global Warming: The Underlying Effects
Of Carbon Dioxide For many years, individuals have been drawn to the natural beauty of Hawaii. They travel thousands of miles to witness what is called paradise. These individuals bask in the warmth of the sun while relaxing on a sandy beach often unaware of a crucial problem right in front of their eyes. This highly debatable problem is known as global warming. It has been a pressing concern for quite some time. Global warming has affected many different areas of the world including Hawaii. Today, global warming continues to be a threat to Hawaii’s environment and economy due to an increasing rate of carbon dioxide.
Modern society relies heavily on fossil fuels. Oil, natural gases, and coal are all natural fossil fuels that humans depend on for their basic necessities. These substances fuel homes with heat, provide electricity, power factories for manufacturing and fuel cars, train, buses, and planes for transportation. In order to utilize fossil fuels, the fossil fuels need to be burned, which is a process called combustion. The process of combustion emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, also known as carbonic acid gas, is a “colorless, odorless, faintly acidic-tasting, non-flammable gas” (Chemical Dioxide). Carbon dioxide is a substance that is naturally found in the atmosphere. However, “human activities are adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere” (Carbon Dioxide Emissions). Scientists have…

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